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Love for voice and speaking

Besides being an actress and singer, I am also a voice and speech coach.

I’ve been working on voice and speech for a long time now. Through my training and experience as a theater and film actress, I learned a lot about the voice, especially the speaking voice. Over time, I overcame several challenges in this field. Through my further training as a jazz singer I now deepen my knowledge about the singing voice and its function.

Getting to know one's own voice also means getting to know oneself better

It gives me great joy to pass on my enthusiasm about voice and speech to others. Above all, I realize that working on the voice is something very special and personal. Working on one's own voice is undoubtedly in itself therapeutic. This realization strongly accompanies my teaching and I have great respect for anyone who wants to take voice or speech training.

As a voice and speech coach, I offer playful and technical exercises to build confidence in one’s speaking voice, to bring awareness to unconscious patterns in speech and to inspire joy of vocal expression.

What you can expect

In a safe space, we will work on the confidence in your speaking voice. You shall get a feeling for how you can create the effect you want with your voice and everything that goes with it. Possible goals we can work on together could be a presentation in front of an audience or via Zoom, recording or voicing texts, a television presentation, or working on acting itself.

In my lessons, I focus a lot on breath and body as the foundation of speech. On the one hand this is about feeling comfortable in one's own body and sharpening the senses and perception. On the other hand it is also about getting a feeling for the states of physical tension and relaxation and learning an effective breathing technique. Without saying, we will work on the voice itself through various vocal and articulation exercises. Finally, we will try to unify the speaking voice, expression and content through literary texts and improvisation. I usually end my lessons with a reflection session.


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